AirToken information

About the settlement

Read the SEC order here.


Airfox is committed to transparency and compliance with emerging government guidelines. To facilitate a fair claims process, AirToken transfers are temporarily paused beginning today (November 16, 2018). We expect this to last at least 90 days after Airfox files a Form 10 with the SEC to register AirToken as a security. At this time, Airfox expects to be able to open trading of the token again.

During this period, Airfox plans to be actively working to have exchanges or other trading platforms ready to go live when this period is over. For updates on this, join us in Telegram or follow us on Twitter.

Download the instructions and claim form for rescission here. The claims form has not started yet. The claims form will start when Airfox submits the From 10 to register the token.

About Airfox

Airfox will continue working to democratize financial services for the billions of unbanked in emerging markets. To learn more about what's next for Airfox, read this. The updated Airfox white paper, which details the company’s expected roadmap is available here.