About Airfox

Airfox was founded in 2016 and incubated at Harvard’s Innovation Lab, Airfox is a TechStars Boston alum and venture backed by several leading organizations. Airfox develops inclusive financial services for emerging markets. To break down financial barriers and provide opportunities to build wealth, Airfox aims to create an entirely new financial services model that serves the underbanked with reliable, egalitarian, and democratic access to capital and financial services. To power its revolutionary peer-to-peer microloans program, Airfox developed and released its own cryptocurrency, AirToken (symbol: AIR), an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain successfully completing an ICO supported by 2,500 people who believe in the mission. Airfox has offices in Boston and São Paulo. 


Victor Santos

Co-founder, CEO

As a social entrepreneur, Santos’s mission has always been to bring financial inclusion to unbanked populations. Through his efforts, Airfox has become a leader in affordable data plans for prepaid wireless carriers. Santos was also named as an influential entrepreneurs to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Santos received his B.S. degree from UC Berkeley and is an Ex-Googler.

Gustavo Ribeiro

President, Brazil

Emanuel Moecklin

Chief Technology Officer

Pablo Bello

Chief Product Officer

Don Andrade

Chief Financial Officer

Justin Hoffman

Executive Vice President

Andrew Wang

VP of Operations

Luke Bayas

VP of Engineering

Katie Sedat

VP of Marketing


Tiago Passinato

Principal Software Engineer

Benjamin Higgins

Senior DevOps Engineer

Rafael Maki

Senior Software Engineer

Luiz Bertoni

Software Engineer

Guilherme Yagui

Software Engineer

Amauri Alvarenga

Software Engineer

Felipe Cine

Director of Customer Success

Jozias Machado

Customer Success Associate

Bruna Luniere

Customer Success Associate

Alexandre Mattos

Customer Success Associate

Aleksandra Pirog

Product Management Co-op

Vi Le

Business Operations & Strategy Analyst

Cathy Melnikow

Marketing Manager, Brazil

Livia Tateyama

Marketing Intern

Mary Peixoto

Finance Manager



Jennifer Lum

Co-founder, Forge.AI

Semyon Dukach

Managing Partner, One Way Ventures

Bob Mason

Co-founder Brightcove

Wan Li

VC, Fairhaven Capital

Amy Spurling

Former COO & CFO, Jana

Steven Lee

Former VP & CTO, Tremor Video

Ben Perry

SVP of Monetization, MocoSpace

Peter Kavounas

CCO, Cloud Strategix

James Seibel

Former CTO, Airfox


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