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Release Notes 2.4

10 October 2018

Airfox 2.3

11 September 2018

Airfox 2.2.1

6 September 2018

Airfox 2.0.1

6 August 2018

Airfox 2.0

Airfox 1.8.0

6 July 2018

- Bank deposits with two new banks - Caixa and Santander

- The phone entry field has been optimized for clarity to improve phone recharge, transfer, on-boarding, and other flows.

- You can now send money and recharge your phone by recently used numbers

- Many bug fixes and performance improvements

- Email boleto and bill payment receipts to the address on file

Airfox 1.7.0

- Barcode scan performance and UI have an improved recognition rate.

- QR code too small? The QR code can now be clicked on to enlarge.

- Transaction history now includes more information on boleto and utility bill payments. Click on the transaction to see the information.

- Added a regularly scheduled task to clean out obsolete cached files to decrease the amount of storage the app uses on the device.

- Removed obsolete and not needed Android permissions.

- Turned off Google "smart" lock; users did not understand.

- Fixed a bug that was preventing the creation of boletos if a mobile number was not confirmed on the account.

- Many more minor improvements and bug fixes. 

- We're adding support Android 8.1 since it will be a requirement from Google starting in August.

Airfox 1.6.0

- All users can now see their account QR code in the Account tab. They can share it with friends or use it for payments. 

- With a new Charge feature in the Wallet dashboard, you can now request money from other Airfox users by simply scanning their QR code! 

- We're always making minor improvements and bug fixes. Reach out to us if you see anything that's not working perfectly.

Airfox 1.4.1

- Amount and due date can now be modified for when paying boletos 

- Improved barcode, CPF, and CNPJ validation

- Many bug fixes

Airfox 1.4

- Users can now use their Airfox balance to pay for boletos and utility bills (water, electricity, gas, and more throughout Brazil) 

- International recharge is now enabled; so, users can also top-up pre-paid mobile numbers all around the world

Airfox 1.3

- Users can now deposit via bank transfer! We currently support Itaú, Banco Brandesco, BanriCompras, and Banco do Brazil

- Registration is now more intuitive

- Airfox Browser users that had a balance of AirTokens in that app will have them transferred to the new app at a rate of 1/100

Airfox 1.2

- Loans now available! You can now borrow money when it's needed

- Easy loan applicant process—no bank account or credit history

- Redeem AirTokens earned from sponsored advertising can now be redeemed into the Airfox account balance and used to make purchases or transfer to friends

- Bug fixes

Airfox 1.1.1

- Improved startup time

- New welcome screen

- Improved messaging if a user tries sign up when not connected to Wifi or mobile data

- Improved layout changes for Portuguese

- Fixed several issues related to sign in

- Some Boleto issues fixed

Airfox 1.1.0

- New profile page added that lets users see their personal information, edit their name and number, and log out

- Added icons for upcoming features

- Fixed some UI bugs that were making it hard to navigate the app