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What is AirToken?

AirToken, also known by its symbol AIR, is Airfox’s ERC20 token developed on Ethereum to power our planned peer-to-peer lending marketplace.

How is AirToken used?

Our plans use AirToken to bridge the local currencies of lenders and borrowers in the marketplace.

Example of how it would work:

How is AirToken used?
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Financial inclusion enabled by technology

We believe structural issues and lack of trust in traditional systems allow for financial exclusion. To overcome this issue, our aim is to provide an array of financial services at a fraction of the costs of traditional providers using three complementary core technology pillars:

Airtoken is an ERC20 compliant token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Financial inclusion enabled by technology

AirToken web application

The AirToken web app is expected to enable Ethereum wallet and AirToken holders to

  • Top-up prepaid mobile phones on 500+ wireless carriers
  • Send AirTokens as remittances from an Ethereum wallet to users of the Airfox app or another Ethereum wallet
  • Microfinance loans to users of the banQi app
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