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Pay and transfer instantly, no fees

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Your phone is now your wallet

Send money

Transfer money to people and companies easily and quickly without leaving home.

Pay bills

Pay utility bills (gas, water, electricity, Internet, land line phones) wherever you are.

Pay Boletos

Pay Boletos with just a few taps. Never stand in line again! 

Charge money

Request money from your customers and receive the balance, no cash or card needed.

Top-up mobile

Send airtime to prepaid mobile phones easily and conveniently. No need for a bank account or credit card. 

Take the bus

Recharge your public transit card. No more headaches! (coming soon)

Methods of deposit

Boleto Bancario

Digital bank transfers

Payment options

Airfox's suported services : Vivo
Airfox's suported services : Claro
Airfox's suported services : Tim
Airfox's suported services : Oi
Airfox's suported services : Nextel
Airfox's suported services : Boleto
Airfox's suported services : Water Gas Electro

The future of banking

Need money?

Borrow money for emergencies, business expenses, whatever without needing a bank account.

No credit history? No problem!

No bank account needed to borrow money. All you need are a couple of friends and what's in the palm of your hand right now—a smartphone.

Loan Updated In Airfox App | Airfox

Borrow money


Make your everyday purchases easier and faster.


Get your first loan to help your business grow or to cover emergency expenses.


Unlock larger loans at better rates as loans are paid back.


Collect free AirTokens

Watch videos to get free AirTokens, with more ways to earn coming soon!

Redeem your reward

Save your AirTokens or redeem immediately for account balance, mobile recharge, and more.

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